A Loss of Hearing isn’t always Hearing Loss

Just because you can’t hear as well as you used to doesn’t necessarily mean that you are suffering from hearing loss – it could be ear wax, an ear canal infection, or a balance system or middle ear issue. We can identify and deal with all these conditions at Hearology.

And if you do have hearing loss, Hearology will help you identify the right kind of Hearing Aids for you – to fit with the needs of your hearing, your budget and your lifestyle.

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The Positive Impact of Hearing Aid Usage on Dementia and Life Expectancy

Our brains behave like a muscle – if you stimulate them, they develop, if you don’t, they decline in effectiveness and vigour. So, it makes sense that mental decline associated with age and/or dementia will speed up if hearing loss deprives your brain of the auditory stimulation it is used to.

There is an ever-growing body of scientific research to suggest that the use of hearing aids can significantly DECREASE the rate of age-related cognitive decline. The same body of research also indicates that life expectancy itself can be improved by addressing hearing loss.

The three studies available for download here reveal that, amongst the sizeable research samples in question, after adjusting for demographic characteristics and other existing health risks:


  • Whilst hearing aids do not halt or reverse cognitive decline, they do slow down its onset by a significant factor.
  • Even mild hearing impairment is associated with an increased risk of mortality amongst adults aged 70 or older and this risk factor is a lot higher amongst those with severe hearing loss or who live alone.

“Providing hearing aids…much earlier in the course of hearing impairment may stem the worldwide rise of dementia.”

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Independent Expertise, Best prices, Hearology Care

Our Audiologists are clinical experts, not commission-based, Hearing Aid Dispensers.

We price match daily against the High Street and the most competitive online hearing aid retailers.

We offer unmatched levels of ear care and hearing aid aftercare.

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Friends and Family are Welcome

Your friends and family are welcome because we know that it does sometimes take a little bit of courage to book yourself in for a hearing test. If you think that it will help, we strongly encourage you to bring along a friend or family member to join you for your hearing test at Hearology and very much welcome it when you do.

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Hearing Aid Aftercare at Hearology

Not many will tell you that hearing aids need to be serviced at least twice a year, or that you need to maintain them on a weekly basis. Nor will many tell you that most hearing aids end up getting left in a drawer due to lack of maintenance.

This is why Hearology places such great emphasis on hearing aid aftercare:

  • Direct contact with your Hearology Audiologist.
  • You can come back to see us as often as you want, and for free.
  • Your planned, free, 6-monthly check ups include additional hearing tests and any consequent re-calibration of your hearing aids.
  • Free, 5-year warranty (worth £300) on most of our models – so they can be repaired free of charge in the rare event of malfunction.
  • We provide courtesy hearing aids to wear during any repair period.

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We Will Make You Feel Comfortable At All Times

Our clinics are easy to find and get to, wheelchair-accessible and very well-appointed with the latest hearing test technology. Our reception team and Audiologists are all extremely friendly and will make you feel at ease.

Invisible Hearing Aids

The Most Important Consideration

Make sure you know before you book a hearing test:

  • That it will be carried out by an Audiologist, not a Hearing Aid Dispenser.
  • If the Audiologist will earn commission on any hearing aid sale they make to you.

Unlike most of our competitors, Hearology does not employ Hearing Aid Dispensers, only Clinical Audiologists. And unlike nearly all our competitors, our Audiologists are not paid commission on hearing aid sales.

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A Full Range of Hearing Aids at the Best Prices

A variety of brands, form factors and price points, including invisible hearing aids, the latest Bluetooth technology and rechargeable hearing aids.

Our prices will always match and often beat those online and on the High Street, and we also offer zero-interest financing support; free, month-long trials; and free, 5-year warranties (worth £300) on most of our hearing aid models.

Hearology also has a team of Clinical Audiologists who, between them over the years, have fitted the vast majority of the many hearing aid models available.

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Full Service – In-house Audiology, Clinical Ear Care, ENT and Balance Expertise

Highly qualified, registered Clinical Audiologists; some of the most experienced microsuction ear cleaning nurses in the country; an ENT Clinical Fellow; a Sister ENT Nurse Practitioner; hearing and balance specialists.

  • Professional and Convenient

    Our reviews testify to the professionalism of our staff and the excellence of our facilities – click on the green star in the ‘Google rating’ box on the homepage to read them for yourself.

  • Safe, Registered and Insured

    Safety is our priority and we pride ourselves on making our hearing tests effective, comfortable and relaxed. You can rest assured that all our clinical practitioners have all the necessary registrations and insurance in place.